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Toni Dela Cruz

Certified Fitness Coach

The Personalized Formulation of Nextvits is a great idea because you have the option to cater to what health concerns you want to focus on when choosing a formulation for your supplements. This is important as it can help improve one's health concerns such as blood pressure health, lack of energy, blood cholesterol health, sugar management health, joint health etc. It is difficult to get all the essential micronutrients from the foods we eat, that is why Multivitamin supplementation is an essential add-on.

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Jackie Zapata


NextVits has been a key element of my transformation (on Fit for Fashion). NextVits has supplied me with the necessary vitamins and minerals for my changing lifestyle and has fueled me through this journey. I've learned that optimal performance, both mind and body, is the result of excellent nutrition. The comprehensive and balanced formula of NextVits has nourished my body with what it needs in the dosage it needs to create my perfect composition. Thanks to NextVits, I've been able to tackle all mental and physical obstacles with strength, energy, and focus.

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As featured on Fit For Fashion Season 2

  • Premium Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients including bioactive and bioavailable ones that are absorbable more effectively.*

  • Customized Supplements

    We provide customized formulations to meet your individual fitness, lifestyle, health and nutritional needs.*

  • Convenient Solution

    We combine your nutritional needs into one formula, one bottle, one serving.*


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