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Personalized Formulation by NexVits is one of the best products I have come across - it's very convenient to take because all the supplements needed for me are all in one bottle. They make you feel great the whole day and full of energy. They also help with bowel movement and you fall sick less often.

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Marlon Dance-Hooi


NextVits are really something else – at first I was sceptical about whether a supplement could really make a difference, but I was amazed at the results – I could push myself further in all the physical challenges and workouts, I felt a new sense of energy and vitality every morning – some days I even went without coffee, and I’m a caffeine junkie! Physically and mentally I felt more capable and focused, and it enabled me to perform at my absolute peak through this sometimes gruelling competition. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants that extra edge in their workouts or sporting life, or even for those who want to wake up feeling better and healthier than before.

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  • Premium Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients including bioactive and bioavailable ones that are absorbable more effectively.*

  • Customized Supplements

    We provide customized formulations to meet your individual fitness, lifestyle, health and nutritional needs.*

  • Convenient Solution

    We combine your nutritional needs into one formula, one bottle, one serving.*


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