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Personalized Formulation by NexVits is one of the best products I have come across - it's very convenient to take because all the supplements needed for me are all in one bottle. They make you feel great the whole day and full of energy. They also help with bowel movement and you fall sick less often.

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Jeffrey Zapata


I’ve been using the NextVits custom formulation dietary supplements and it is proving to be invaluable. There are a few guiding principles that I adhere to when choosing anything that goes into my body: Safety - with regards to everyday and prolonged usage; Quality - of all materials and ingredients; and Efficacy – I always aim for products that I know will provide me with the maximum benefit at no expense to safety or quality. The NextVits brand assures that I am getting a safe and quality product. It’s a piece of mind that I never overlook when choosing supplementation. But what truly sets this apart is its custom approach - rather than the cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all approach that most multi-vitamins and supplements take. NextVits was able to create a custom blend for me after building a profile based on history and lifestyle. I’m positive it’s because of this custom approach that I’m seeing an improvement in my energy levels and most notably my skin, which has always been an issue for me. I’ve taken other supplements but wasn’t able to see or feel any noticeable differences; the difference was very obvious when I started taking these. I recommend NextVits to anyone and everyone looking to make improvements in their supplementation or just lead a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Premium Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients including bioactive and bioavailable ones that are absorbable more effectively.*

  • Customized Supplements

    We provide customized formulations to meet your individual fitness, lifestyle, health and nutritional needs.*

  • Convenient Solution

    We combine your nutritional needs into one formula, one bottle, one serving.*


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