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Filipe Pereira

Certified Fitness Coach

NextVit’s Fitness Centric range of supplements gives you more energy especially during workout sessions. The personalized NextVits formula that I use helps improve digestion and nutrition absorption as well as energy and strength. Nextvits has been incredible and I am very fortunate to be involved in what I believe is the future of supplements and nutrition. The fact that all minerals and vitamins are tailor- made specific to individual needs and goals makes all the multi vitamins and endless range of pills seem like something from the distant past that I certainly won't go back to. This is definitely the way supplements need to evolve to.

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Freelance writer

The downside to living in an age with far too many choices is that it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of the things we actually need - and dietary supplements are no exception. Thanks to NextVits, I have all the supplements I need - tailored specifically to my health issues no less - in one convenient bottle. I also appreciate being able to take them any time of the day, whether it's four at a time, or split into two doses a day. Aside from the obvious thrill of having a bottle of vitamins with your name on it, I have to say I'm loving how much more space my table has now that I don't need 50 different supplements for every little thing I think I need.

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  • Premium Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients including bioactive and bioavailable ones that are absorbable more effectively.*

  • Customized Supplements

    We provide customized formulations to meet your individual fitness, lifestyle, health and nutritional needs.*

  • Convenient Solution

    We combine your nutritional needs into one formula, one bottle, one serving.*


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