Freska Darnadi 2016/02/01

With a changing metabolism post pregnancy, it was a challenge to get back to the physique I used to have. NextVits has really helped me improve and regain my strength not only during my workouts but has also provided me the energy I need as a full time single mom. With these customised supplements, my once digestion problem especially when I travelled overseas, is no longer an issue. NextVits has helped me get my life back on track! Go checkout to their website on and get customize your own supplement! Thank you @nextvits #NextVits #FitforFashion #FitnessFirst #FitnessFirtsID #fitfam #fitness #fitspiration #F4FCika #F4FS2

Jeffrey Zapata 2016/01/28

I’ve been using the NextVits custom formulation dietary supplements and it is proving to be invaluable. There are a few guiding principles that I adhere to when choosing anything that goes into my body: Safety - with regards to everyday and prolonged usage; Quality - of all materials and ingredients; and Efficacy – I always aim for products that I know will provide me with the maximum benefit at no expense to safety or quality. The NextVits brand assures that I am getting a safe and quality product. It’s a piece of mind that I never overlook when choosing supplementation. But what truly sets this apart is its custom approach - rather than the cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all approach that most multi-vitamins and supplements take. NextVits was able to create a custom blend for me after building a profile based on history and lifestyle. I’m positive it’s because of this custom approach that I’m seeing an improvement in my energy levels and most notably my skin, which has always been an issue for me. I’ve taken other supplements but wasn’t able to see or feel any noticeable differences; the difference was very obvious when I started taking these. I recommend NextVits to anyone and everyone looking to make improvements in their supplementation or just lead a healthier lifestyle.

Jackie Zapata 2016/01/26

NextVits has been a key element of my transformation (on Fit for Fashion). NextVits has supplied me with the necessary vitamins and minerals for my changing lifestyle and has fueled me through this journey. I've learned that optimal performance, both mind and body, is the result of excellent nutrition. The comprehensive and balanced formula of NextVits has nourished my body with what it needs in the dosage it needs to create my perfect composition. Thanks to NextVits, I've been able to tackle all mental and physical obstacles with strength, energy, and focus.

Deena Katrina Marzuki 2016/01/26

I bring my Nextvits everywhere I go. They have customized the vitamins to suit my need. I used to have an unhealthy lifestyle before and Nextvits has helped me tremendously in keeping my inside fit and healthy! I used to have complications with my digestion and a lot more for years. All that gone after a month of consuming Nextvits. I think the best part is that all there is in the vitamins are according to what your body needs. How great is that! It has kept my body working and making speedy recoveries throughout Fit for Fashion as well. Thank you Nextvits, you definitely keep me FIT FROM WITHIN.

Sam Gaskin 2016/01/22

The best thing about taking my NextVits is knowing that all the vitamins and minerals I might be missing are taken care of in one hit. My body loves me for it, my energy levels are better, my skin is clearer and so is my mind. I'm so grateful Fit for Fashion introduced me to this little secret because I don't know how I could live without them now .NextVits are #GANGSTA

Marlon Dance-Hooi 2016/01/22

NextVits are really something else – at first I was sceptical about whether a supplement could really make a difference, but I was amazed at the results – I could push myself further in all the physical challenges and workouts, I felt a new sense of energy and vitality every morning – some days I even went without coffee, and I’m a caffeine junkie! Physically and mentally I felt more capable and focused, and it enabled me to perform at my absolute peak through this sometimes gruelling competition. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants that extra edge in their workouts or sporting life, or even for those who want to wake up feeling better and healthier than before.

Dr. Yash Gupta - Scientific Project Manager 2015/12/04

Lets face it; it is impossible to get all the necessary nutrients from meals. Lot of supplements brands promise the world of benefits, but what sets NextVits apart is their commitment to individual body needs and deficiencies. NextVits has a solid reputation on quality and uses only premium ingredients; thereby guaranteeing safety. With NextVits, you are getting value for your money as well as optimal nutrition. It is indeed, 'the next generation of supplements'.

Fabrice 2015/12/02

NextVits changed the way I take supplements by providing a bespoke formula to address all my needs. I am very impressed by the way the NextVits team responded to all my requests and after a few rounds of iteration, we found the perfect and fully customised formulation. My Vits give me superpower!!! Thank you.

Richard Wilson - Melbourne, Australia 2015/12/01

I would like to take this opportunity to share how happy I am with my custom formula from NextVits. I have been taking them for 6 weeks now and am delighted with the ease and simplicity of only having to take my regulated dose of one product rather than my previous method of 6 different types and brands to ensure my needs were fully covered. Even more important are the results so far, which have shown a great condition in my skin and nails and great immunity to any simple colds or illness. I feel good, my fitness regime is supported and my body feels healthy. Thank you.

Charmian - Freelance writer 2015/11/27

The downside to living in an age with far too many choices is that it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of the things we actually need - and dietary supplements are no exception. Thanks to NextVits, I have all the supplements I need - tailored specifically to my health issues no less - in one convenient bottle. I also appreciate being able to take them any time of the day, whether it's four at a time, or split into two doses a day. Aside from the obvious thrill of having a bottle of vitamins with your name on it, I have to say I'm loving how much more space my table has now that I don't need 50 different supplements for every little thing I think I need.