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Salleh - Certified Fitness Coach 2015/12/07

Personalized Formulation by NexVits is one of the best products I have come across - it's very convenient to take because all the supplements needed for me are all in one bottle. They make you feel great the whole day and full of energy. They also help with bowel movement and you fall sick less often.

Filipe Pereira - Certified Fitness Coach 2015/12/03

NextVit’s Fitness Centric range of supplements gives you more energy especially during workout sessions. The personalized NextVits formula that I use helps improve digestion and nutrition absorption as well as energy and strength. Nextvits has been incredible and I am very fortunate to be involved in what I believe is the future of supplements and nutrition. The fact that all minerals and vitamins are tailor- made specific to individual needs and goals makes all the multi vitamins and endless range of pills seem like something from the distant past that I certainly won't go back to. This is definitely the way supplements need to evolve to.

Rona Morgan - Certified Fitness Coach 2015/12/01

I love NextVits's Personalized Formulation as it's great having all my needs in one bottle - it saves me having to buy so many different bottles of various supplements. They also help you sleep better and you'll feel more rested in the mornings. It was great working with the NextVits team as they went the extra mile to make sure all my needs were included.

Toni Dela Cruz - Certified Fitness Coach 2015/11/27

The Personalized Formulation of Nextvits is a great idea because you have the option to cater to what health concerns you want to focus on when choosing a formulation for your supplements. This is important as it can help improve one's health concerns such as blood pressure health, lack of energy, blood cholesterol health, sugar management health, joint health etc. It is difficult to get all the essential micronutrients from the foods we eat, that is why Multivitamin supplementation is an essential add-on.